a poem for us, a poem for you…

in honor of our current foray into the 2013 Capital Fringe Festival, Wild Woman Margaux wrote this piece in a poetic form called a fourteener.  The poetic style is explained in the wonderful book, poetry everywhere by Jack Collom & Sheryl Noethe.  The poem starts with a single line that must be restated in thirteen different ways.


wild women fourteener
©2013 by margaux delotte-bennett

wild women must define themselves.

women willing to be unhinged can tell you how they came to be.

girls gone feral howl to their own moons.

you can’t tell them how to be because they already told you, loud and clear.

their female bodies won’t fit into your molds or your limits.

when she opens her mouth, you will know who she is.

that which is untamed is free.

you may want to tell them that they are this way or that way, but they might eat you.

their rabid pack of unfiltered trough breaks down walls that never should have existed in the first place.

who wrote the dictionary anyway?

teeth bared, the lion like ladies lecture and lead.

she always thought that tame was so lame. they agreed.

they made a bonfire of your definitions and danced naked around it as they grunted and cackled.

wild women are whoever and however they choose to be.


Tickets for our show can be purchased through this link.  We would love to see you in the audience!  the dates, times and location for the rest of our run are:
July 21st at 6:30 pm
July 25th at 6:45 pm
July 27th at 2:30 pm

Studio Theatre – Stage 4
1501 14th Street, NW
(At the intersection of 14th & P St NW in Logan Circle)


We hope to see you on Sunday or sometime soon!